Feasting at Finch’s

Hello Everyone!

First of all, I would like to say hello after a short absence.

Not to worry, I have been busy eating and taking tantalizing pictures at restaurants and cafes that will make you drool all the more.

Let’s begin with a sandwich that is so much more than meat and cheese: the pear and prosciutto baguette from Finch’s Tea & Coffee House in Gastown.

Pear Baguette. Photo by: Alyssa Dawson

For under nine bucks, you can sink your teeth into one of the most flavourful, texturally diverse sandwiches I’ve had the pleasure of eating.

Combine pears sliced paper-thin with salty prosciutto, roasted walnuts, blue brie cheese that melts slightly in the warm, toasted baguette, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, and you have a masterpiece. I have always loved sandwiches, but this one in particular has revolutionized this standard lunchtime fare in my eyes.

Honestly, just talking about this sandwich has me salivating.

If it’s doing the same for you, head to one of Gastown’s best lunchtime spots, Finch’s, for their grab and go gourmet.

As always, wishing you a stamp of culinary royalty in all of your dining endeavours! xx

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