Guilty Pleasures of the Week: Butterhorns and Gingerbread Men

As if one of these wouldn’t be sinfully delicious enough on its own, right?

Gingerbread Cookies @ The Gingerbread Factory. Photo by: Alyssa Dawson

The appeal of gingerbread cookies is quite self-explanatory to anyone with a sweet tooth, so when I came across The Gingerbread Factory in Leavenworth, Washington, I simply could not resist sampling its namesake baked good. Fresh out of the oven, with a simple, not-too-sweet icing serving as the decoration, the gingerbread men (and women, trains, snowmen, and Santa) did not disappoint. Having taken home countless cookies, I can also tell you their shelf life is very impressive, so they can double as gifts for friends and family. The fact this shop looks like a gingerbread house itself is just a bonus! For a tourist in this quaint German Christmas village, The Gingerbread Factory truly is the quintessential themed bakery.

The Gingerbread Factory.

Family shot @ The Gingerbread Factory.










Because butterhorns aren’t exactly commonplace on bakery shelves, I’ll give you a brief rundown.

Butterhorns @ Cle Elum Bakery. Photo by: Alyssa Dawson

Imagine a cross between a cinnamon bun and a croissant: the sweet brown sugar and soul-warming cinnamon of the former, and the flaky texture and buttery flavour of the latter. All topped off with a light spread of icing that seeps into each layer, and you have my guilty pleasure for the week direct from the Cle Elum Bakery in the humble town of Cle Elum, Washington.

What have you had this week that, while a definite pleasure, is also a definite indulgence?

As always, wishing you a stamp of culinary royalty in all of your dining and snacking endeavours! xx

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